bio pic 2Kathryn Ombam is the Development Associate at Tyler Arboretum.  She has held positions at Moore College of Art & Design, the studio of artist Martha Jackson-Jarvis, the National Portrait Gallery, and Art Services International.  Her writing has appeared in exhibitions catalogues, career websites, parenting blogs, two personal blogs, and local fiction anthologies.  She is passionate about her family, preserving the past for the future, books, being of service to others and the Oxford comma.


Chris LawlerChris Lawler is a naturalist who enjoys daily blessings in the living world.



IMG_0382Shannon Crowe is an American Studies student at Penn State Brandywine, completing her summer internship in the Education Department. She also studied Education at Youngstown State University. Recently she has been researching the history of Chester and Delaware Counties. Her history interests include the 18th and 19th centuries of America, particularly the African American story, the Abolitionist Movement, and the early beginning of the Feminist Movement in Southeastern Pennsylvania and beyond. Her future goal is to pursue a Masters Program in Education. One day, she hopes to work in a environment that incorporates her passion for teaching and American History.

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