Last volunteer work day of 2014 season

By Gabrielle LeBlanc

tumblr_ndg6lwnXdv1twfy5io5_540 What a beautiful day we had for the garden’s last volunteer day of the season! A scrumptious potluck and a happy harvest day. Thanks to all who contributed to making the garden such a splendid place to work; it wouldn’t be this spectacular without lots of help from our volunteers!

tumblr_ndg6lwnXdv1twfy5io2_540The garden fed a lot of people in the community, collectively the Media Food Bank received 1,000 pounds of produce over the course of the season. Who knew such bounty could come from just a quarter of an acre?

As for you home gardeners, now is the time to plant garlic! Find out how with this simple tutorial.

tumblr_ndg6lwnXdv1twfy5io1_540Enjoy the cooler months and all the coziness it brings. I am looking forward to walks with my dog through crunchy leaves, and hot tea on dreary mornings. This blog will continue next spring, when the ground begins to thaw and groundhogs peek out from their burrows.


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