Summer lingers with late veggies

By Gabrielle LeBlanc

tumblr_nao9naWNts1twfy5io1_540Summer camp is over, the kids are back in school, and the yet the garden is still celebrating the summer heat. The okra is in full swing, and the peppers are bright red. The summer squash has had its day and is slowly being replaced by rutabagas and mustard greens to feed the community through autumn. Dill and cilantro are still being seeded, and less common greens such as escarole are being transplanted.

If the weather has you beat, you might be looking forward to the hurricane warning in mid September. Don’t hold your breath, though, the farmer’s almanac isn’t omniscient.

tumblr_nao9naWNts1twfy5io3_400September’s full corn moon is coming up next Monday and Tuesday, making it a perfect time to reap what has been sown. The full moon pulls water up into the top of the plant, just as it pulls the oceans up during high tide, and makes it the perfect time to pick crops, as they are at their peak size and weight.

Looking to extend your season so you can keep your garden active well into the winter? Everything you need to know about season extension will be covered in the upcoming workshop on September 27th. See you there!


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