Summer harvest and mosquito repelling plants

By Gabrielle LeBlanc

tumblr_n94gylZHfA1twfy5io2_400The end of July is nigh, and the weather has been giving us a nice respite at the moment. The garden has transformed into its summer skin, with fall quick on its heels. Now is the time to seed the plants for autumn. Beets, carrots, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage will all be on the menu for the Media Food Bank.

For anyone facing a mosquito problem, there are 11 plants that help to repel mosquitoes, and they are discussed in detail here. Many of them are planted at the vegetable garden!

tumblr_n94gylZHfA1twfy5io5_400Our harvest now include tomatoes, tomatillos, and we will soon be picking the peppers and eggplant! Better late than never, I always say.

Big thanks to the volunteer crew on crafting detailed signs for the pollinator habitat!  They look beautiful, and are made from wooden cutouts of different shapes that were painted and coated with polyurethane.

tumblr_n94gylZHfA1twfy5io4_400 tumblr_n94gylZHfA1twfy5io1_540 tumblr_n94gylZHfA1twfy5io6_r1_1280 tumblr_n94gylZHfA1twfy5io7_r1_400 tumblr_n94gylZHfA1twfy5io8_r1_1280 tumblr_n94gylZHfA1twfy5io9_r1_400


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